Anyone can use our hosted instance of Valkyrja for free, however only Subscribers will get performance-heavy Antispam and Social features (Profiles, Karma and Experience.)

Subscribe or become partner to support the project and unlock the premium features!

  • Powerful customizable Antispam that ties into moderation and logging.
  • Profiles - see this example!
  • Karma - People receive cookies (you can change that) when they get thanked.
  • Experience and levels. Send messages to gain experience, send images to gain more experience. Level up to unlock fancy roles and karma cookies!
Partners get premium features without subscription. Only non-gaming communities qualify, such as open source projects, Linux or other geeky places. (Talk to Rhea about it.)

Patreon info for subscribers:

  • Please make sure to contact Rhea#1234 with your patreon details (patreon username or email)
  • Remember that the bot is bound to the servers you own, or one extra server you explicitly ask for (talk to Rhea - PM her the Server ID)

Don't forget to set-up permissions and role hierarchy!