Anyone can use our hosted instance of Valkyrja for free, however only Subscribers will get performance-heavy Antispam and Social features (Profiles, Karma and Experience.)

Subscribe either with GitHub (preferred) or Patreon to support the project and unlock the premium features!

  • Powerful customizable Antispam that ties into moderation and logging.
  • Profiles - see this example!
  • Karma - People receive cookies (you can change that) when they get thanked.
  • Experience and levels. Send messages to gain experience, send images to gain more experience. Level up to unlock fancy roles and karma cookies!
  • Modmail - We also offer our Modmail bot hosted in our infrastructure for our Subscribers and Partners.
  • Custom bot development within reason. Discuss with Rhea.
Partners get all of the above without subscription. Only non-gaming communities qualify, such as open source projects, Linux or other geeky places. (Talk to Rhea about it.)

Info for subscribers:

  • Please make sure to contact Rhea#1234 with your details (github username or patreon email)
  • Remember that the bot is bound to the servers you own, or one extra server you explicitly ask for (talk to Rhea - PM her the Server ID)

Don't forget to set-up permissions and role hierarchy!